April 13th – April 17th


Students first check in will be tomorrow on TEAMS at 1pm – 2pm after that ‘check in’ will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1pm – 2pm and on Fridays at 11am.

This is a learning experience for all of us. In the meantime, our first priority is to make sure all of our students are safe, healthy, and maintain emotional well being during this process. With that note, please let us know if there is anything you would need from us. We miss our students and our ever so supportive parents.

We have been putting several things in place which we are going to try this week. As we move forward, we may have to tweak things as we go along so please have patience with us. Sometimes, it seems our students know a little bit more than us when it comes to technology 🙂 Students are familiar with some of the programs already.

Most of the websites can be found on the CVESD website ….. students’ page with students’ ‘single sign on’ :


Go Math

TEAMS [Video check in with your teacher and classmates]

Edmodo [Please check everyday for communication from your child’s teacher]

Flipgrid [Hopefully some fun assignments]

Benchmark (possibly later on)

Some other websites we are/may be trying are:

http://www.ixl.com (math and language arts/grammar)

http://www.getepic.com (online reading /library books)

http://www.educreations.com (whiteboard)

youtube (video resources)


Xtramath (math fluency/games)

10 Fast Fingers/Typing.com [typing practice]

Go Noodle [Get up and move :)]

If you need passwords or codes to join your child’s class, please contact your child’s teacher:





joanne.adamos@cvesd.org [ART] https://wolfpackartistsblog.wordpress.com/

lowri.casimiro@cvesd.org [MUSIC]


April 10th, 2020

A copy of our letter sent out this week to parents:

Dear Fourth Grade Parents and Guardians,

As you know, Distance Learning begins on Monday, April 13. We are very excited about this new chapter with the understanding that this is a new journey for all of us. As a result, we have tried to make lesson plans that are standards based, engaging and with the idea that students are learning in busy households. There will be frustrations and glitches, but we are hoping to keep these to a minimum.

During Distance Learning, assignments are suggested – NOT mandatory. Assignments will not be graded. Rather, assignments will be marked as complete or incomplete. We are hopeful that students complete all the assignments but again, these are only suggestions to support student learning at home.

All fourth-grade students are asked to use their class Edmodo accounts to access assignments, including links, documents and information. It is very important that students check Edmodo at least once a day. Students are asked to keep all communication on this platform focused on school. Students are encouraged to ask questions on Edmodo or email his or her teacher directly. You can be connected to Edmodo as well. On your child’s Edmodo account (on the left) there is a parent code for you to set up your own account to communicate with me and see your child’s work.

On Sundays, students will receive the week’s suggested work through their Edmodo account (the first week is attached to this email for you to see). We have planned daily lessons with suggested time frames, but these are not set in stone. Each student should do what he/she can do to the best of his/her ability. Again, understanding that students live in busy homes, we are leaving it up to the parents to create the schedule that works for everyone within their households. Parents will also get a copy of weekly assignments sent through email.

Additionally, we have set up class accounts on Epic (www.getepic.com) for reading resources [our class code is dmc0201] and IXL (www.ixl.com) for math and other resources. Familiar resources like GoMath and Benchmark reading will now be online. Each teacher will communicate the necessary login information if they haven’t done so already. Additionally, as a grade level, we will continue to use Achieve3000/KidBiz and Accelerated Reading. The books on Epic Reading are AR level books and students will be able to take AR tests at home from 8:45am to 3:15pm, Monday – Friday. Students can also take Achieve/KidBiz tests during this time as well.

Due to security concerns, we are not allowed to use Zoom with our students. Consequently, we will use Microsoft Teams for class video meetings and class check ins. Students will use their regular ‘single sign on’ ID#@live.cvesd.org and capital first initial/lowercase second initial and date of birth. Students should access all/most accounts through cvesd.org.

This is a new platform for us and the students so we understand that this may take some getting used to. Login information will be sent to students and parents. Below is the schedule for class meetings in the coming weeks:

  • April 13 from 1pm to 2pm is the first, whole class meeting on Teams – within this meeting we will say hi to each other, review digital citizenship guidelines and expectations going forward. We ask that all students attend.
    • Each Tuesday and Thursday, grade 4 teachers will host a video meeting on Teams for student questions and concerns from 1pm to 2pm. Links will be provided on Edmodo on the days of the meetings. Students should attend if they have questions or would like to check in with his or her teacher and others in the class.
    • Each Friday, grade 4 teachers will host a whole class video meeting on Teams at 11am. This will be for checking in, questions and generally saying hello! We are asking that all students attend.

We want to stress that this is a new approach to learning, and we understand that parents are not teachers. We are here to support parents as well so please email any questions. We can also set up video chats. Also, please check the 4th Grade blog regularly for updates and information regarding grade 4.

4th grade team – Ms. Wachowiak, Mrs. Kolodziej, Mrs. Paranada and Mrs. Chandroo




Click Students

Click Teams

Single sign on

Click the calendar on the left then click on the appointment at 1pm scheduled on the 13th

Click Join Meeting or there is a JOIN (at the top right of the screen may work as well)

***Give permission for your computer to use video and audio to see your teacher/classmates

April 6th – April 10th

Update from the 4th Grade Team 

We hope this note finds you and your family in good health. Please know your teachers miss you very much. We are so proud of you for the way you are adapting to all of the changes. Even your parents and teachers are learning about the best ways to teach you. Have patience with us:) 

Beginning April 6th – 10th teachers will be participating in professional development training with our grade level teams and principal, Mr. Shy. We will be ready for Distance Learning from April 13th.

OPTIONAL: In the meantime, please continue working on your KidBiz articles (2 per week including one Thought Question), ixl.com, Edmodo, reading a good book…..etc……..as has been directed by your individual teachers.  

There is going to be a super pink moon on Tuesday, April 7th during the evening/night. Be sure to look to the east for the best views. To test students’ Office 365 (Word Document) for writing responses………would you (students) write a short note to your teacher about what you have learned and/or seen about the ‘super pink moon’.

We will continue to update you as we get new information. 

Just thought I would share what showed up in my backyard this evening 🙂

Idiom for this week: ………wet behind the ears. What does this mean?

March 19th, 2020

Hi Friends, hope everyone is staying well.

IXL.com has been extended for another 90 days for Mrs. Chandroo’s class. All other students may use the program as a guest each day for about 10 minutes. Great practice for multiplication tables.

Also, passing on some information from the principal and district office: Imagine Learning can be accessed from home. Students may complete one (1) lesson each day.



We know that learning can happen anyplace at any time. As we strive to secure a safe learning environment for our students, we are partnering with Imagine Learning.

Your child can log in and continue learning while outside of the classroom and at home with this program(s). To get started, please visit this website, www.imaginelearning.com/at-home and watch the quick introduction videos—available in English and Spanish. You can also download the parent letter (available in various languages) with brief log-in details.

If you have questions or need help, feel free to reach out directly to Imagine Learning’s Customer Care Team at:  

Imagine Learning Customer Care
Monday-Friday:  6 am – 6 pm MT

Enjoy using the Imagine Learning at home. Stay safe!


(4th Grade Team)


Estimado (PADRE/TUTOR), 

Sabemos que el aprendizaje puede suceder en cualquier lugar y a cualquier hora. A medida que nos esforzamos por garantizar un entorno de aprendizaje seguro para nuestros estudiantes, nos estaremos asociando con Imagine Learning.

Su hijo(a) podrá ingresar a este programa(s) y continuar su aprendizaje mientras está fuera del aula y dentro del hogar. Para poder iniciar, favor de visitar el siguiente enlace www.imaginelearning.com/at-home y ver los videos de introducción disponibles en inglés y español.  Usted también puede descargar la carta para padres de familia (disponible en varios idiomas) con breves detalles para iniciar sesión.

Si usted tiene alguna pregunta o requiere de ayuda, favor de comunicarse directamente con nuestro Equipo de atención al Cliente de Imagine Learning disponible en:

Imagine Learning Equipo de atención
Lunes a Viernes:  6 am – 6 pm MT

Le deseamos que disfrute del uso de Imagine Learning. ¡Manténgase a salvo!


(4th Grade Team)