Quarter 4 – WEEK 2

April 12th – 16th

Distance Learning continues as usual on Monday morning. Please go to your TEAMS calendar to sign into your classroom for Mrs. Kolodziej or Mrs. Paranada. Hopefully, you were able to pick up your school materials for your child. If you haven’t already, it is possibly still sitting outside the school’s office.

Students transitioning to school for the hybrid model, please be sure to eat a good breakfast, bring a water bottle with you and wear a mask. Fourth graders will be entering school at the front by the flag pole. We are excited to begin our in-person teaching and learning. Remember, you will be responsible for 85minutes of asynchronous independent work when you are not with your teacher. We will continue with our daily assignments of Achieve (KidBiz), I-Ready, Go Math -Think Central homework, Epic reading and Benchmark reading lessons.

Bring your materials with you:

Benchmark reading text: “Resources and Their Impact”

Math Notebook and Go Math Chapter 9

Writing journals

White board and white board marker with a sock to clean your whiteboard

Small scissors

Please find attached a general student schedule for the week. Be sure to check your email for a more specific/detailed version for your child. [Due to VAPA times etc.]

Have a great week everyone!

Quarter 4 – WEEK 1

April 5th – 9th Modified Schedule: REGULAR DISTANCE LEARNING WITH OUR OWN CLASSES – 8:45am – 12:00noon

Welcome to Quarter 4 and the changes that come with it. We will have to be flexible, patient, kind and show grace to each other as we adapt to the new schedules and even new teachers or students. If you will be changing teachers next week, we will miss you. We know decisions were made based on your own family’s needs. It has been a pleasure serving you for the past year. Whatever the choices………….you will continue to be in good hands and well cared for by another member of our 4th grade team.


This week students will work with their teachers from 8:45am – 12:00 for Synchronous work…..with a regular recess break at 10:45am. After lunch, students will continue their Asynchronous (Independent) assignments.

Please find attached the general schedule for this week. Please be sure to check your email for a more specific schedule for your classroom.


April 6th – Grade 4 Materials Distribution 3:00pm – 4:30pm

April 12th – Hybrid model (in-person) learning begins

Quarter 3 – March 26th, 2021

See you back from spring break on APRIL 5th.

Hybrid model will begin on April 12th.

We have a “Pick Up” Materials schedule for April 6th in the evening from 3:00pm – 4:30pm

Cadance Hall will represent our 4th grade classes at he District level in the speech competition.

We wish to thank Hannah Muren, Leana Coreas, Leslie Palomares, and Carleigh Williamson for their tenacity and perseverance in preparing and presenting their speeches. You are all winners in our eyes. You are part of our amaziing Timberwolves!

Have a most restful and much deserved spring break everyone! Remember you are loved and you are very special to us!

Quarter 3 – WEEK 12

March 22nd – March 26th


SPRING BREAK – MARCH 29th – April 2nd

Distance Learning begins for ALL students on April 5th

WOW! This is the last week of Quarter 3. With this in mind, we will continue with our schedule and end the quarter off on a strong note. We can do this!

Please find attached the general copy of the student schedule and be sure to check your email for a more detailed and specific copy for your child’s classroom.

The 4th grade teachers wish to thank all of you for your continued support in our time of Distance Learning. The next few weeks may bring some changes in our classes, but as teachers we have learned how to adapt and be flexible for the common good of our students and our school. We have not been assigned to our new teaching positions as yet. Some of us will be teaching at school in the hybrid model and the others on our team will be continuing with Distance Learning.


Please note that ALL students will resume Distance Learning on April 5th