May 11th – 15th

distance learning schedule | San Jose Intermediate

Another week of Distance Learning and students are completing assignments with much rigor as if they were actually in our classrooms. We have seen some amazing talent as students complete their Flipgrid projects/assignments. I don’t think we give our students enough credit for their flexibility in learning and keen sense of technology. Our 4th grade team of teachers are very proud of our students. Parents, you are doing a fantastic job supporting as well. We couldn’t do this without you. The saying comes to mind, ” It takes a village to raise a child.” Well done to all of our Timberwolf families.

Also, to those parents who work in the medical field……………please know you are in our thoughts and prayers. We have several parents in each of our classes who are out on the frontlines. Thank you from our hearts for serving our communities.

Cartoon women doctor wearing protective mask and pointing finger with a speech bubble Premium Vector

Please be sure to have students read the lesson plans. The plans can be found on TEAMS and on Edmodo. Have a great week and we will see you on TEAMS at your appointed time(s).

Special shout out to all Mothers today. Blessings to you and we hope you had an enjoyable day.

Week of May 4th – 8th

Our 4th grade team of teachers meet each week to plan for our students in order to keep a sense of normalcy for them. We know these are different and difficult times for many and our hearts go out to all of our families. Please know you have our support and feel free to contact us if you need support. You are in our thoughts.

Last week, we were able to go on campus, as directed by the school district, to pack up students’ materials and personal items. Included in the bags are journals, math books, reading book: Confronting Chanllenges, etc. Please feel free to use these books at home. Also, the math notebooks may be used to practice math concepts and take notes as they listen to their math lessons on Educreations.

Pick up time will be from 3:00pm – 4:00pm each day beginning on Tuesday. Distribution days are according to your LAST NAMES:

Tuesday: Last names A – C

Wednesday: Last names D – J

Thursday: Last names K – P

Friday: Last names Q – Z

Items will be placed directly into the trunk of your vehicle.

We want to thank all of parents for your support and patience with us during this time of “technology explosion” and of course, to our wonderful students who have adapted so well to online learning. All of us here in 4th grade are so very proud of you.

Have a restful evening and we will see you on TEAMS (at your appointed times) this week:)

April 27th – May 1st

Hi Everyone,

We are on Week 3 of our Distance Learning and very excited for our students who are gaining a wealth of knowledge from this experience. By now students should be familiar with the programs we are using in 4th grade and hopefully some sort of daily routines have been set up to accommodate this learning with your family’s work and home schedules. Please remember, complete as much as you can as best as you can. As much as we would like to see our students succeed, we do not want to create any added stress to families’ individual situations.

Please check on page 2 of the lesson plans for direct link to Educreations math tutorials for this week as well as ART and MUSIC (VAPA) suggested lessons.

To maximize students time to complete assignments: students can ‘check in’ on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1:00 – 1:30 pm if they have any questions.

Whole class ‘check in ‘ is every Friday at 11:00 am – 12:00 am

Please feel free to email your child’s teacher if you have any questions or concerns.

Have a safe and healthy week.

Week of April 20th – 24th

Wow! It is so amazing to see our students participating in Distance Learning. It is a learning process for all of us. We teachers are learning as well. We have struggled, but persevered. It has been a pleasure and joy to meet and greet our students on TEAMS. It is so wonderful to see their videos on Flipgrid, connect with them on Edmodo, monitor their progress on Go Math and IXL and see the continued work on KidBiz, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts. What an awesome group of Timberwolves! You are now “professional students!” We are boasting about you to our principal, Mr. Shy.

To maximize students’ time for learning: Whole class Check-In on TEAMS will now be on Fridays at 11am and optional check-In will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1:00pm – 1:45pm for those students with questions.

Also, please remind students to check Edmodo daily.

On TEAMS, we have added extra tabs (at the top) for the websites which students can access right on their TEAMS page. Be sure to explore the different tabs.

Our 4th grade team would like to reiterate that our lesson plans are not meant to create emotional stress. We would hope that all students participate in the online learning as we try to maintain the rigor that our Wolf Canyon Students are accustomed to. Please do as much as you can to the best of your abilities and WiFi capabilities. Even if it’s just the KidBiz and Math.

Watch Math tutorials:

Please feel free to contact us if necessary: [ART] [MUSIC]

Music Activities from Ms. Casimiro  

Hello Fabulous Timberwolves! 

I have a great musical activity for you this week! I challenge you to teach it to a parent or sibling, Can you find another song or piece of music to practice it with? Can you do it as a round? Shoot me a video and let me see how you did!! 
 Pop to the kitchen and grab 2 saucepans of different sizes – don’t forget to ask your mom or dad first though! You’ll also need a pair of pencils for this one! I hope you like this fun activity by Mr. Chamberlaine from Castle Park Elementary School. 
I hope you’ve had fun with these! I know I did! 

Stay well, stay healthy, stay safe & stay home, so we can get back to making fabulous music together as soon as possible! I miss you all!