May 18th – 22nd

Another week of Distance Learning – WEEK 6 A great big ‘shout out’ to all of our students who are embracing this new way of learning. The one major benefit is that our students are learning many different ways of acquiring information. Think of how valuable these problem solving skills and learning experiences are going to influence our students in the future. Even teachers have been forced to think ‘outside the box’ – for many teachers, this comes quite natural and for some …………….well it sure has been quite a learning experience for me.

Perseverance is one of our school traits: Please be encouraged and stay steadfast in the path we’re in at the moment. There are only 13 more school days left for Quarter 4. On this note, there will be no report cards at the end of this quarter.

Each week, our 4th grade team of teachers are impressed by the caliber of students’ work submitted. From Kidbiz activities/Thought Question, ixl / Go Math completed assignments, Language Arts reading/grammar…………to Science and Social Studies assignments presented on Flipgrid. What a dedicated, talented, creative group of students!

Lesson plans have been sent on Edmodo or TEAMS (or both) as directed by your child’s teacher. Don’t forget embedded within the lesson plans are the links students will be using (check page 2 of the lesson plan for added teaching links) also on TEAMs, students can find many of the links attached in the channels/folders………Language Arts, Mathematics ….etc

Be sure to have a balance by participating in Art and Music. SEE YOU ON TEAMS THIS WEEK……………..Don’t forget to let the teacher know if your child will not be returning to Wolf Canyon next school year.

May 11th – 15th

distance learning schedule | San Jose Intermediate

Another week of Distance Learning and students are completing assignments with much rigor as if they were actually in our classrooms. We have seen some amazing talent as students complete their Flipgrid projects/assignments. I don’t think we give our students enough credit for their flexibility in learning and keen sense of technology. Our 4th grade team of teachers are very proud of our students. Parents, you are doing a fantastic job supporting as well. We couldn’t do this without you. The saying comes to mind, ” It takes a village to raise a child.” Well done to all of our Timberwolf families.

Also, to those parents who work in the medical field……………please know you are in our thoughts and prayers. We have several parents in each of our classes who are out on the frontlines. Thank you from our hearts for serving our communities.

Cartoon women doctor wearing protective mask and pointing finger with a speech bubble Premium Vector

Please be sure to have students read the lesson plans. The plans can be found on TEAMS and on Edmodo. Have a great week and we will see you on TEAMS at your appointed time(s).

Special shout out to all Mothers today. Blessings to you and we hope you had an enjoyable day.

Week of May 4th – 8th

Our 4th grade team of teachers meet each week to plan for our students in order to keep a sense of normalcy for them. We know these are different and difficult times for many and our hearts go out to all of our families. Please know you have our support and feel free to contact us if you need support. You are in our thoughts.

Last week, we were able to go on campus, as directed by the school district, to pack up students’ materials and personal items. Included in the bags are journals, math books, reading book: Confronting Chanllenges, etc. Please feel free to use these books at home. Also, the math notebooks may be used to practice math concepts and take notes as they listen to their math lessons on Educreations.

Pick up time will be from 3:00pm – 4:00pm each day beginning on Tuesday. Distribution days are according to your LAST NAMES:

Tuesday: Last names A – C

Wednesday: Last names D – J

Thursday: Last names K – P

Friday: Last names Q – Z

Items will be placed directly into the trunk of your vehicle.

We want to thank all of parents for your support and patience with us during this time of “technology explosion” and of course, to our wonderful students who have adapted so well to online learning. All of us here in 4th grade are so very proud of you.

Have a restful evening and we will see you on TEAMS (at your appointed times) this week:)

April 27th – May 1st

Hi Everyone,

We are on Week 3 of our Distance Learning and very excited for our students who are gaining a wealth of knowledge from this experience. By now students should be familiar with the programs we are using in 4th grade and hopefully some sort of daily routines have been set up to accommodate this learning with your family’s work and home schedules. Please remember, complete as much as you can as best as you can. As much as we would like to see our students succeed, we do not want to create any added stress to families’ individual situations.

Please check on page 2 of the lesson plans for direct link to Educreations math tutorials for this week as well as ART and MUSIC (VAPA) suggested lessons.

To maximize students time to complete assignments: students can ‘check in’ on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1:00 – 1:30 pm if they have any questions.

Whole class ‘check in ‘ is every Friday at 11:00 am – 12:00 am

Please feel free to email your child’s teacher if you have any questions or concerns.

Have a safe and healthy week.

Week of April 20th – 24th

Wow! It is so amazing to see our students participating in Distance Learning. It is a learning process for all of us. We teachers are learning as well. We have struggled, but persevered. It has been a pleasure and joy to meet and greet our students on TEAMS. It is so wonderful to see their videos on Flipgrid, connect with them on Edmodo, monitor their progress on Go Math and IXL and see the continued work on KidBiz, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts. What an awesome group of Timberwolves! You are now “professional students!” We are boasting about you to our principal, Mr. Shy.

To maximize students’ time for learning: Whole class Check-In on TEAMS will now be on Fridays at 11am and optional check-In will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1:00pm – 1:45pm for those students with questions.

Also, please remind students to check Edmodo daily.

On TEAMS, we have added extra tabs (at the top) for the websites which students can access right on their TEAMS page. Be sure to explore the different tabs.

Our 4th grade team would like to reiterate that our lesson plans are not meant to create emotional stress. We would hope that all students participate in the online learning as we try to maintain the rigor that our Wolf Canyon Students are accustomed to. Please do as much as you can to the best of your abilities and WiFi capabilities. Even if it’s just the KidBiz and Math.

Watch Math tutorials:

Please feel free to contact us if necessary: [ART] [MUSIC]

Music Activities from Ms. Casimiro  

Hello Fabulous Timberwolves! 

I have a great musical activity for you this week! I challenge you to teach it to a parent or sibling, Can you find another song or piece of music to practice it with? Can you do it as a round? Shoot me a video and let me see how you did!! 
 Pop to the kitchen and grab 2 saucepans of different sizes – don’t forget to ask your mom or dad first though! You’ll also need a pair of pencils for this one! I hope you like this fun activity by Mr. Chamberlaine from Castle Park Elementary School. 
I hope you’ve had fun with these! I know I did! 

Stay well, stay healthy, stay safe & stay home, so we can get back to making fabulous music together as soon as possible! I miss you all! 

April 13th – April 17th


Students first check in will be tomorrow on TEAMS at 1pm – 2pm after that ‘check in’ will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1pm – 2pm and on Fridays at 11am.

This is a learning experience for all of us. In the meantime, our first priority is to make sure all of our students are safe, healthy, and maintain emotional well being during this process. With that note, please let us know if there is anything you would need from us. We miss our students and our ever so supportive parents.

We have been putting several things in place which we are going to try this week. As we move forward, we may have to tweak things as we go along so please have patience with us. Sometimes, it seems our students know a little bit more than us when it comes to technology 🙂 Students are familiar with some of the programs already.

Most of the websites can be found on the CVESD website ….. students’ page with students’ ‘single sign on’ :


Go Math

TEAMS [Video check in with your teacher and classmates]

Edmodo [Please check everyday for communication from your child’s teacher]

Flipgrid [Hopefully some fun assignments]

Benchmark (possibly later on)

Some other websites we are/may be trying are: (math and language arts/grammar) (online reading /library books) (whiteboard)

youtube (video resources)

Xtramath (math fluency/games)

10 Fast Fingers/ [typing practice]

Go Noodle [Get up and move :)]

If you need passwords or codes to join your child’s class, please contact your child’s teacher: [ART] [MUSIC]


April 10th, 2020

A copy of our letter sent out this week to parents:

Dear Fourth Grade Parents and Guardians,

As you know, Distance Learning begins on Monday, April 13. We are very excited about this new chapter with the understanding that this is a new journey for all of us. As a result, we have tried to make lesson plans that are standards based, engaging and with the idea that students are learning in busy households. There will be frustrations and glitches, but we are hoping to keep these to a minimum.

During Distance Learning, assignments are suggested – NOT mandatory. Assignments will not be graded. Rather, assignments will be marked as complete or incomplete. We are hopeful that students complete all the assignments but again, these are only suggestions to support student learning at home.

All fourth-grade students are asked to use their class Edmodo accounts to access assignments, including links, documents and information. It is very important that students check Edmodo at least once a day. Students are asked to keep all communication on this platform focused on school. Students are encouraged to ask questions on Edmodo or email his or her teacher directly. You can be connected to Edmodo as well. On your child’s Edmodo account (on the left) there is a parent code for you to set up your own account to communicate with me and see your child’s work.

On Sundays, students will receive the week’s suggested work through their Edmodo account (the first week is attached to this email for you to see). We have planned daily lessons with suggested time frames, but these are not set in stone. Each student should do what he/she can do to the best of his/her ability. Again, understanding that students live in busy homes, we are leaving it up to the parents to create the schedule that works for everyone within their households. Parents will also get a copy of weekly assignments sent through email.

Additionally, we have set up class accounts on Epic ( for reading resources [our class code is dmc0201] and IXL ( for math and other resources. Familiar resources like GoMath and Benchmark reading will now be online. Each teacher will communicate the necessary login information if they haven’t done so already. Additionally, as a grade level, we will continue to use Achieve3000/KidBiz and Accelerated Reading. The books on Epic Reading are AR level books and students will be able to take AR tests at home from 8:45am to 3:15pm, Monday – Friday. Students can also take Achieve/KidBiz tests during this time as well.

Due to security concerns, we are not allowed to use Zoom with our students. Consequently, we will use Microsoft Teams for class video meetings and class check ins. Students will use their regular ‘single sign on’ and capital first initial/lowercase second initial and date of birth. Students should access all/most accounts through

This is a new platform for us and the students so we understand that this may take some getting used to. Login information will be sent to students and parents. Below is the schedule for class meetings in the coming weeks:

  • April 13 from 1pm to 2pm is the first, whole class meeting on Teams – within this meeting we will say hi to each other, review digital citizenship guidelines and expectations going forward. We ask that all students attend.
    • Each Tuesday and Thursday, grade 4 teachers will host a video meeting on Teams for student questions and concerns from 1pm to 2pm. Links will be provided on Edmodo on the days of the meetings. Students should attend if they have questions or would like to check in with his or her teacher and others in the class.
    • Each Friday, grade 4 teachers will host a whole class video meeting on Teams at 11am. This will be for checking in, questions and generally saying hello! We are asking that all students attend.

We want to stress that this is a new approach to learning, and we understand that parents are not teachers. We are here to support parents as well so please email any questions. We can also set up video chats. Also, please check the 4th Grade blog regularly for updates and information regarding grade 4.

4th grade team – Ms. Wachowiak, Mrs. Kolodziej, Mrs. Paranada and Mrs. Chandroo



Click Students

Click Teams

Single sign on

Click the calendar on the left then click on the appointment at 1pm scheduled on the 13th

Click Join Meeting or there is a JOIN (at the top right of the screen may work as well)

***Give permission for your computer to use video and audio to see your teacher/classmates