Quarter 4 – WEEK 2

April 12th – 16th

Distance Learning continues as usual on Monday morning. Please go to your TEAMS calendar to sign into your classroom for Mrs. Kolodziej or Mrs. Paranada. Hopefully, you were able to pick up your school materials for your child. If you haven’t already, it is possibly still sitting outside the school’s office.

Students transitioning to school for the hybrid model, please be sure to eat a good breakfast, bring a water bottle with you and wear a mask. Fourth graders will be entering school at the front by the flag pole. We are excited to begin our in-person teaching and learning. Remember, you will be responsible for 85minutes of asynchronous independent work when you are not with your teacher. We will continue with our daily assignments of Achieve (KidBiz), I-Ready, Go Math -Think Central homework, Epic reading and Benchmark reading lessons.

Bring your materials with you:

Benchmark reading text: “Resources and Their Impact”

Math Notebook and Go Math Chapter 9

Writing journals

White board and white board marker with a sock to clean your whiteboard

Small scissors

Please find attached a general student schedule for the week. Be sure to check your email for a more specific/detailed version for your child. [Due to VAPA times etc.]

Have a great week everyone!