April 6th – April 10th

Update from the 4th Grade Team 

We hope this note finds you and your family in good health. Please know your teachers miss you very much. We are so proud of you for the way you are adapting to all of the changes. Even your parents and teachers are learning about the best ways to teach you. Have patience with us:) 

Beginning April 6th – 10th teachers will be participating in professional development training with our grade level teams and principal, Mr. Shy. We will be ready for Distance Learning from April 13th.

OPTIONAL: In the meantime, please continue working on your KidBiz articles (2 per week including one Thought Question), ixl.com, Edmodo, reading a good book…..etc……..as has been directed by your individual teachers.  

There is going to be a super pink moon on Tuesday, April 7th during the evening/night. Be sure to look to the east for the best views. To test students’ Office 365 (Word Document) for writing responses………would you (students) write a short note to your teacher about what you have learned and/or seen about the ‘super pink moon’.

We will continue to update you as we get new information. 

Just thought I would share what showed up in my backyard this evening 🙂

Idiom for this week: ………wet behind the ears. What does this mean?