March 18th, 2020

Good Morning 4th grade students and parents. We hope you are well. In an effort to continue communication with you, please spread the word among our 4th graders/parents to check the blog for updates. Our 4th grade teachers are staying in communication with each other and are concerned about our students. Efforts are being made to call/communicate with parents.

Though not mandatory, many parents are keeping kids on a schedule: reading a book, KidBiz for reading comprehension and writing, various math websites, IXL.COM for language arts and math. Please feel free to continue what your teacher recommended for your class. DEFINITELY practice multiplication tables for ALL students. If you know all of your multiplication tables, practice multiplying 2-digit by 2-digit . You can check it by using the area model. What an accomplishment if EVERYONE sets this as a goal.

Mrs. Kolodziej’s students – continue with KidBiz and don’t forget to check Edmodo for updates and classroom activities.

Mrs. Paranada’s students – continue with KidBiz and math writing journals.

Ms. Wachowiak’s students – continue with Kidbiz and websites that were suggested to you.

Mrs. Chandroo’s students – continue with KidBiz and for Language Arts and math.

DON’T FORGET: All students can go to CAASPP on the student interface to practice and training for both language arts and math (as stated on the previous blog).

For our students, these are historic times we are living in….students may begin a daily journal to share what’s happening in their world and how they feel about what’s happening, their concerns and thoughts……………….just a suggestion.

As we get updates, we will keep you informed.


4th grade Team.