March 14th

Hi Parents, as you are aware school is closed for the next 3 weeks. We hope and wish everyone to be safe.

Many parents have been asking about what should students be doing to continue the learning process during the upcoming weeks?

Although academics are not mandatory for students, we have recommended to our students that they continue to read a library book, work on at least 2 KidBiz articles for the week (including the thought question), and continue to review multiplication tables, fractions (adding /subtracting, and multiplying fractions by whole numbers) and decimals. Upcoming math topics: renaming fractions and mixed numbers and adding mixed numbers.


Quarter 4: UPCOMING MATH- We will end the school year with Geometry (Two-Dimensional Figures), Measurement (Angles and Degrees, Customary and Metric Units of Length, Weight, and Volume), and Data (Line Plots and Elapsed Time).

GRAMMAR: Figurative Language -Review similes, metaphors, adages and idioms as well as relative pronouns, adjectives, and modal auxiliary verbs.

Students have access to their KidBiz accounts from home as well as all other accounts on their ‘single sign-on’ on the cvesd student page.


Finally, students also have the option to go to the website for ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS AND MATHEMATICS PRACTICE:

[No username or password required or should be used]

Go to

click: Practice and Training

click: Students Interface Practice and Training Tests

click: Sign In (for Guest User)

Select Grade: 4th

click: Start Grade 4 ELA Practice Test or Start Grade 4 Math Practice Test

[Students have 99 opportunities to practice activities 🙂 They may practice everyday if they wish]

Mrs. Chandroo’s students may continue practicing language arts topics and math concepts on IXL.COM

All other 4th grade students may visit IXL.COM as a guest user (no username or password required) for about 10 minutes each day before being blocked.

Also available on the single sign-on is Khan Academy for math help.

4th grade teachers may try to contact you in the upcoming days. If you wish to meet, we can reschedule for a conference when we return to school next quarter. You may always contact us via email:

Secret Idiom: “……sink your teeth into something” When Jenny got promoted, she sank her teeth into her new job.

Also remember, …………when life throws us lemons…………….we can make lemonade.

We love you and wish each and every family good health and blessings during this time.

-4th Grade Team