March 9th – 13th

Conferences begin this Thursday, March 12th. These will be student-led conferences followed by a 5-minute report card check-in with the teacher. Students are excited to showcase their learning.

All conference days will be minimum days-Students are dismissed at 12:45pm.

Our Scholastic Book Fair will be open during conference days.

Bring in your own earbuds in a zippy bags for SBAC practice at school. They will be kept at school.

We are continuing with our dedication and hard work as we end this quarter. We wish to maintain the rigor of our work and end the quarter on a strong note. As teachers, we are ‘rounding down to the last lap’ as we prepare our students for 5th grade. Please encourage your child to come to school prepared and ready to learn.

Language Arts – Continue our work reading ‘My Breaking In’

  • Describe the setting and the plot events in depth.
  • We are learning to: read to annotate, identify key facts, determine the main idea, and summarize. Students will also make inferences based on evidence from the text about the characters and how their actions relate to the theme.
  • Compare and contrast the point of view in the story.
  • Answering questions using the R.A.E.E.  –  Restate, Answer, Evidence, and Explain. Focus on what the text says and how the text works.
  • Grammar: Prepositional phrases

Math – Fractions and Decimals: Expressing money as a decimal, solving money problems, use an area model and number lines to compare decimals. Chapter test will be this week.

Writing Students are working on an opinion / informational piece of writing.

Social Studies – The California Missions

Students will be learning why the mission system came about in Alta, CA and the effects of the mission system on Alta, California.

Science – Transfer of Energy/Electricity – How is energy transferred?

Electrical Currents: Students will work with circuitry boards and circuit clay to investigate how energy travels to light a light bulb.

Remember these dates

:March 12th – 19th  Minimum Days for Parent Teacher Conferences/Book Fair

March 20th –  Last Day of Third Quarter

 Idiom of the Week: “The sky’s the limit.”       What does the idiom mean?