Week 11

October 14th – 18th

We had a wonderful and very productive first week of school. We were excited to see our students again and students came ready to learn.

Update information: There will be no cost to you for our upcoming FIELD TRIP on October 29th to Copley Symphony. We received an “ART – Bus Express” grant which takes care of our transportation and PTA gave another grant to cover the entrance fees. With this in mind, we are limited to only one (1) chaperone per classroom. Your child’s teacher will contact you with further information.

Next quarter, we will have trips whereby we will not be too limited with chaperones. We will be sure to keep you informed of upcoming trips.

This week in our curriculum:

Language Arts – Continue reading to compare and contrast the characters in the texts. Students will also practice a RAEEE model question.

Mathematics – Multiplying 2-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers. There will be a chapter test on Friday. Students should be proficient in using an area model, partial products, and standard algorithm to solve.

Writing – Process writing for an Opinion essay.

Science – Essential Question: How is energy transferred?

Remember these dates:

October 16th – Picture Day

October 29th – 4th grade field trip to Copley Symphony

November 2nd – Masquerade Festival [3pm – 6pm]

Secret Word: Choices