Week 10

October 8th – 11th

School resumes for students on Tuesday, October 8th – Regular Day.

Upcoming FIELD TRIP on October 29th to Copley Symphony. We will let you know of the cost as soon as we figure out transportation details.

This week in;

Language Arts – Reading “The Gnat and the Lion” and “The Lion and the Bull”

[Reading to annotate, identify key events / summarize, describe the characters based on their actions in the text, and identify the character’s feelings or state of being based on the text.]

Math – Multiplying 2-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers.

[Review models of double digit multiplication: area model, partial products, and regrouping method.]

Writing – Writing an opinion essay based on the text: Stanley’s Release

Science – Essential Question: How is Energy Transferred?

                Exploring Newton’s Cradle Phenomenon.

[Exploring Newton’s 1st and 3rd Law of Motion]

Remember these dates:

October 8th – School resumes for students.

  Regular Day Schedule

October 16th – Picture Day

November 2nd – Masquerade Festival 3pm – 6pm

Secret Word: Pumpkin