Week 9

September 16th – September 20th

APEX FUN RUN – Thanks to everyone who supported our Fun Run. Students as well as teachers participated and had lots of fun. See below for photos.

Fall Book Fair will be open all week from 8am – 9am and then again at 1pm – 4pm.

Upcoming FIELD TRIP on October 29th to Copley Symphony. We will let you know of the cost as soon as we figure out transportation details.

Conferences are continuing this week September 16th – 19th.

During the Fall Break Students will still have access to their KidBiz accounts should they want to practice. Also, we should always be practicing our multiplication tables. Take some time to relax and enjoy some family time.

This week in:

Language Arts – Stanley’s Release. We will continue working on our R.A.E.E.E. model questions.

Math – We are learning to solve multi-step word problems.

            We will be learning 2-digit multiplication.

Writing – Writing an opinion essay based on the text: Stanley’s Release

Social Science – Cereal Box Presentations (if not finished )

Science – Essential Question: How is Energy Transferred?

                Exploring Newton’s Cradle Phenomenon

Remember these dates:

September 16th – 20th Parent Teacher Conference (Minimum Days)

September 19th – Jersey Mike’s Subs Fundraiser 10:00am – 9:00pm

September 20th – Last Day of School

September 23rd – October 4th Fall Break

October 8th – School resumes for students.

  Regular Day Schedule

October 16th – Picture Day

November 2nd – Masquerade Festival 3pm – 6pm

Secret Word: Escape

We hope you have a wonderful 2 weeks off. Remember you are special to us. You are loved and will be missed.