Week 6

August 26th – 30th

Here’s hoping everyone had fun at our annual Wolf Canyon Movie Night and Campout!

Don’t forget to continue working on your California Cereal Box Project which you will turn in on September 9th. Be prepared to share about your findings.

Upcoming FIELD TRIP on October 29th to Copley Symphony. You will get more information at a later date.

Please return your conference sign up sheet as soon as possible in order for us to assign a date and time for your conference.

This week in;

Language Arts – We are continuing our work on “The State Government and Its Citizens.” We are reading to identify the main idea and key details. We make inferences by using the text and our schema or background knowledge.

We will also be responding to a RAEE model question.

R-restate the question A- answer the question E-Provide evidence E-explain

Math – We are multiplying whole numbers using the distributive property and partial products.

Writing – Writing to practice a narrative story.

                Mini lessons in ‘Show Don’t Tell’

Using other words instead of said.

                Punctuation in dialogue.

Revising and Publishing

Social Studies – California regions Flip Book

Science – Physical Science – Force

Essential Question: How do you make an object move?

Remember these dates:

September 2nd – Labor Day (No School)

September 12th – 19th Parent Teacher Conferences (Minimum Days)

September 20th – Last Day of 1st Quarter.

Secret Word: Campout