Winter Cleaning: 4th Grade families, as you clean out your children’s toy boxes to make room for new items this season, please consider donating gently used “Happy Meal” sized toys to your child’s Homeroom.  This is a great way to refill our Prize Boxes.

End of the Quarter Tests: As we wind down this quarter, it is important that your child stay focused on doing their best on their school work.  We have several assessments coming up over the next few weeks and we want to see all students be as successful as possible.

Headphones: Please consider allowing your child to bring in headphones or earbuds during testing.  We often have times where students may use their own headphones in class, while using the computer.  You may even want to have your child leave their headphones at school 🙂

AR Tests: Please remind your child to take an AR Test at school after they have read a book.  These tests are meant to test comprehension skills and track your child’s reading progress.  Students are encouraged to use the book as they take the test so that they may refer back to the text and any notes they may have taken.

Reading: It is a good idea to read with your child and ask them questions after they read.  Having a conversation about their reading will help them make connections and improve their comprehension.

i-Ready Math: The i-Ready program is a math program available for students to use at home. Please use this program at your discretion 🙂

Important Dates:

  • December 21, 2018 – Last Day of 2nd Quarter
  • December 24, 2018 – January 14, 2019 – Winter Break