APEX 11/15

Dear Wolf Canyon Families,

Today, our Apex lesson was all about step #2 in becoming a STRONG leader. The Apex Team taught us the importance of being trustworthy. In order for leaders to be trustworthy, we have to do what we say and be accountable for our actions. The best teams are filled with members who can rely on and trust each other. When we are trustworthy, we earn more freedom!

*Important note: Pledges must be entered online to count towards our class total, so please be sure to log them in at www.myapexevent.com.  

Here is tonight’s challenge-

            Silly string challenge! The class that gets the most kiddos to participate will win a silly string day with the Apex team! Each kiddo will get a can of silly string and depending on grade they will get to spray each other or the entire Apex team!